couple fight

so gummy know bout this guy since 5 years ago

nope they never met yet theyre so close and gummy even know his mom and his mom loves gummy so much 

they skype amost everyday

but for the very first time they had a big fight

theyre both stubborn

but gummy sure its not her fault this time

its been 2 days and now gummy feel how lonely it is without him and this is her first time experiencing something called couple fight

when was your first couple fight

why it happens and what did u do to solve it 

first love

gummy is in love right now
gummy used to date someone but well he went somewhere gummy couldnt reach
and actually gummy realized that her love towards that guy is love as family

but now
its different
gummy really like this guy that she willing to do anything
but gummy got a problem
hes 11 years older than her

its not a problem for gummy but it turns out human always judge
and they will judge them if they end up together

gummy dont know whether to continue or to stop

help gummy

christmas plans

gummy got lots of plans already for christmas
but after made up with her parent now her parent wants her to go home
gummy super excited bout spending her first christmas i japan and with her friends

but after 2 weeks thinking bout it
gummy decide to go home

its always like that
gummy know there are lots of occasion where you need to choose between your parent and friends
gummy cant say a thing about it
but gummy mostly choose her family
family is number one for gummy